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Who we are

We are the only provider of ESG-centric Global Expansion services, helping businesses thrive with Impact

Digeto logo displayed prominently on a building pillar
Graphic illustrating Digeto's mission of building smarter and impactful ways to globalize, featuring key benefits such as accelerated time to market, cost-effective scaling, sustainability edge, and efficiency synergy.
Who we are

Building smarter and impactful ways to globalise

  • Our founding team, Deepak Peschard and Belinda Sabatier, experienced first-hand the challenges of opening new markets in a fragmented ecosystem. Digeto was started to solve this problem: offer an all-in-one digital suite of sustainable global growth solutions, leveraging the benefits of a marketplace model.
  • The Digeto difference? Blend corporate operational excellence with a startup up mindset and a green ethos. We bring together experienced professionals dedicated to making ESG-centric international expansion accessible, ethical, economically and environmentally sound.
Our Corporate ESG Commitment

“Walking the talk” of Sustainability

UN Global Compact Commitment

Digeto committed from Day 1 to the United Nations Global Compact Corporate Responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption, with clear engagements on the Forward Faster agenda.

Corporate Philanthropy

Because we believe in making a positive social impact, we support Just for Humanity, a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable and homeless children by connecting donors with impactful grassroots education programs.

ESG-focused research

Digeto seeks to foster ESG-focused R&D within its community, to evaluate and highlight the environmental, social, and economic effects of our members’ global expansion, supporting our commitment to a net-zero future.


Our team of experts

Within the extended leadership, each member brings unique perspectives and specialized expertise, forming the backbone of our operation and embodying our principles of diversity and inclusion.

Deepak PESCHARD CEO & Co-Founder
20+ years of overall international experience as Senior Executive Leader in various banking roles (Sales, transformation, CRM, Finance), in multiple jurisdictions, and as Startup Co-Founder for an impact foodtech business. Maintaining a healthy working-life balance is key driver for Deepak. He likes spending quality time with his family and actively participating in team sports.
Bélinda SABATIER, COO & Co-Founder
26+ years of Global Banking experience as Senior Executive Leader in various roles (BU management, Financial risk and Compliance, Operational excellence, Transformation). Board member. Beyond work, Belinda is a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle, nature defender and agricultural entrepreneur.
Olivia CALVET-SOUBIRAN Non-executive Board member
Olivia has over 30 years of experience advising clients on expanding their businesses across Europe and Asia. Currently serving as the France Country Head of UJA, an Indian Business Consulting Firm, Olivia plays a crucial role in guiding our expansion strategies in these regions.
Steven PAUL
Steven PAUL Non-executive Board member
With 25+ years of international experience in diverse businesses and sectors across 30 geographies, Steven brings valuable insights to our operating model. His previous senior roles with companies like Accenture, HSBC, and BMO, along with his involvement as a board member for various startups and SMEs gives him hands-on expertise on critical aspects of globalisation.

Ready to take your Business to the Next Level?

Join us as we continue to grow our services and reach. Whether you’re looking to explore new territories, understand complex markets, or ensure your growth strategies are sustainably sound, Digeto is here to guide you every step of the way.